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Takoon nova 2 wind range

takoon nova 2 wind range

Riders from all levels will get a kick from it!
A bit like when you fly a paraglider, you feel through your bar what the air is doing, helping to control your kite perfectly and take the most advantage of the wind.
Submit a Product Review for this product.Control bar with swivel system allows for endless rotations.It also 4 card poker online casino allows the kite to keep pulling during narrow turns, perfect for creating power on the snow to climb up a hill or to get the foilboard in flying mode.Greater performance while keeping it simple is Takoon's driving concept.Therefore only 3 sizes are ever needed.Pacific Time (11 hours, 9 minutes best online casino from now).New wave control in off shore conditions.It has so many customisable options on this kite - there is bound to be a setting for you!The control bar also gives me the option to have it as a full safety SLE, part or no safety for unhooked riding.This stability allows to the Nova2 to be more reactive.Experience tells that this is not affecting the performance and efficiency of the kite as this arch keeps a large projected Aspect ratio!Users guide 21m Flying Lines, takoon Nova Control bar and storage bag.This daily goal updates every 10 minutes and is reset at midnight.This helps to keep a great performance/ease ratio.Andrew Collins This kite is exactly what I was after - something not too high performance that it was going to get me into trouble but also something that I could progress into.